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The Town Buzz

Here are choice cuts from the news -- what people are saying about Nancy Young Wright and what they're saying about her Tea Party opponent, Ally Miller.

Endorsements for Nancy Young Wright

  - District 1 constituents deserve better than Miller. Vote for Nancy Young Wright. (2012 Endorsements: Tucson Weekly, 10/11/12)

  - Long Career in Public Service, Conservative Fiscal Approach are Just What's Needed.
  The Star endorses Nancy Young Wright for the Pima County Board of Supervisors. She has a lengthy track record of effective public service as a volunteer and elected official. She is the right fit for District 1. (Endorsement: Pima County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 1: Arizona Daily Star, 10/11/12)

Nancy Young Wright's Work on the Amphi School Board

  - Wright first won political office, on the Amphi school board, in 1996. As a board member, she began digging into the actions of the board and blew the whistle on so much corruption—from insider deals on land purchases to board members skimming from day-care programs to pay for food, drink and retreats for themselves—that voters ultimately recalled the board majority in 2000. (Extreme Politics: Tucson Weekly, 10/18/12)

  - Nancy Young Wright uncovered and cleaned up corruption in the Amphitheater School District before going on to support teachers, kids, university students and the downtrodden at the Arizona Legislature. (2012 Endorsements: Tucson Weekly, 10/11/12)

  - Her time as a parent volunteer and Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board member gives her the inside track on education issues. (Endorsement: Pima County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 1: Arizona Daily Star, 10/11/12)

Nancy Young Wright's Commitment to Conservation

  - She developed experience regarding land-use policies through her work to develop parks in Oro Valley, and her service on the steering committee for the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. (2012 Endorsements: Tucson Weekly, 10/11/12)

  - Wright got involved in Pima County politics nearly two decades ago, because she was concerned about the lack of parks in Oro Valley. She learned about the complexities of land-use policies and zoning laws when she led a fight to preserve Oro Valley's Honey Bee Canyon and later worked as a member of the steering committee on the county's Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. (Extreme Politics: Tucson Weekly, 10/18/12)

  - Her advocacy began when her daughters were young and the local Oro Valley park didn't have playground equipment. Over the years she's been a voice of reason on matters of sustainable growth, conservation and land use, education and public involvement. (Endorsement: Pima County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 1: Arizona Daily Star, 10/11/12)

Ally Miller's Tea Party Connections

  - During her campaign for the Board of Supervisors, Miller has downplayed her history with the Tea Party Patriots. In a September radio interview with Mark Evans of tucsoncitizen.com, Miller said that references to her work with the Tea Party were an example of how "the establishment" would "fabricate just horrible stories and lies about me to retain their stranglehold on Pima County. (Extreme Politics: Tucson Weekly, 10/18/12)

  - Republican Ally Miller, is a Tea Party organizer who vastly overstates her accomplishments (her wild claim that her letter-writing skills brought the FBI in to investigate Rio Nuevo is particularly goofy) and is willing to engage in conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality (such as her preposterous contention that the county couldn't account for $345 million in transportation funding). (2012 Endorsements: Tucson Weekly, 10/11/12)

  - Miller . . . is closely associated with the Tea Party movement which hasn’t exactly been supportive of business concerns. . . . [Business leaders] say they fear that Miller will be an obstructionist on the Board of Supervisors and that Young Wright would make a better supervisor overall. (Election-time quandary for business: Inside Tucson Business, 11/1/12)

Ally Miller's False Charges against Pima County

  - While Miller boasts about her experience in working on financial matters with Honeywell and Intel, and she has a master's degree in business administration from the UA Eller School, she was taken in by false claims that were emailed to her regarding the county's budget. . . .
  Miller received a document via email that purported to show that $345 million couldn't be accounted for in the county's transportation budget. The claim was so outlandish that fellow Republican Hellon dismissed it as "preposterous" during the primary campaign. (Extreme Politics: Tucson Weekly, 10/18/12)

  - Miller was called out for being wrong and rather than acknowledge that, she simply changed her story. . . . Miller doesn't tell the truth; she makes stuff up. (Ally Miller Continues Campaigning From Fantasyland: The Range, 10/18/12)

  - Miller also had those problems with being proven wrong, as she was when it was proven that her assertions that the county had misspent millions were incorrect. (Thoughts on candidates: The Explorer, 10/10/12)

Complaints About Ally Miller's Connections to Independent Expenditure Groups

  - Miller did not take the opportunity to clarify the issues surrounding accusations that she has violated election laws. Republicans Mike Hellon, Stuart McDaniel, and now, Wright have filed complaints with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office claiming Miller’s use of signs, photos and ads produced by Tagline Media is illegal, given they were funded by independent contributors to her campaign. (Miller on the attack in District 1 debate against Wright: The Explorer, 10/3/12)

  - Miller ignores answering to accusations against her own campaign for violating election laws (she had a great opportunity to do so in the radio debate hosted by Bill Buckmaster.) Tell voters what happened here. Are charges from three separate candidates false, or is being quiet an admission of guilt? (Thoughts on candidates: The Explorer, 10/10/12)

  - While Ally Miller won the Republican nomination for the Pima County Board of Supervisors District 1 race Tuesday night, allegations are now surfacing over her finance reports filed before the Aug. 28 primary. . . .
  It went too far over the line to ignore," Hellon said. "I don't know if it's ignorance, or being naive, or what. I understand what the rules are. From the outside looking in, a reasonable person can see that they probably coordinated efforts. (Hellon, McDaniel file complaints against Republican nominee Ally Miller: The Explorer, 8/29/12)

  - If she is found guilty of violating the law, Miller could be personally liable for a civil penalty of three times the cost of the literature or advertisement that was distributed in violation of the law. (Wright calls for jobs, education: The Explorer, 10/3/12)

Ally Miller's "Hulk Angry" attitude

  - After listening to Miller in several debates, her behavior with the press and her attacks on her opponent, there are so many red flags going up that one might wonder what she’s going to be like as an elected official.
  This “Hulk angry” attitude she campaigns with will get old real fast once she’s in office and reality sets in. (Thoughts on candidates: The Explorer, 10/10/12)

  - Having seen Miller hulk-out as a result of our reporting, we have to agree with Thelma's assessment. (Explorer Newspaper: Ally Miller Has "Hulk Angry" Attitude: The Range 10/11/12)


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