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The Problem with Ally Miller

Ally Miller has a number of problems she would like to run away from: Her Tea Party connections; the false charges she's made against Pima County; and possible illegal connections to some of her special interest contributers. You can read about those below.

Ally Miller's Tea Party Connections

Ally Miller is a founder and proud member of the Pima County Tea Party Patriots. Miller's divisive and inflammatory ideology is wrong for Pima County.

Ally Miller and the Tea Party

Ally Miller Makes False Charges against Pima County

Ally Miller, allowing herself to be misled by a special interest supporter, accused Pima County of misusing $80 million in state highway funds. Though she claimed, "I've done an investigation here," all she really did was repeat those false charges. If Miller had actually done her own investigation -- the kind of thing we expect from a leader, not a follower -- she would have found that Pima County acted in accordance with the directives of a bond package the voters approved in 1997. Miller was a Pima County resident at the time. If she had been an informed citizen, she would have known what was in the bond package.

Ally Miller's False Charges

Ally Miller's Connections to Special Interest Supporters

Two formal complaints have been filed against Ally Miller by Republicans Mike Hellon and Stuart McDaniel, both of whom ran along with Miller in the Republican primary. The complaints, filed with the Arizona Secretary of State and Pima County Elections, concern the close linkage between Miller's campaign and three special interest "Independent Expenditure Campaigns" which, by law, are supposed to have a wall of separation from her campaign. Nancy Young Wright filed a similar complaint.

Complaints against Ally Miller


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