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Jobs and the Economy

We must create a stronger economy in Pima County by attracting and keeping new businesses with high paying, sustainable jobs. We must also promote the startup and growth of small businesses owned by Pima County residents. This requires a multilayered approach:
  • Quality education for our children.
  • Adult education and training opportunities.
  • A solid transportation infrastructure that includes with well-maintained roads, bike lanes, and public transportation.
  • Recreational opportunities, including beautiful parks and trails.
  • A vibrant entertainment and arts culture.

The best businesses to attract to Pima County are clean companies that offer good jobs but don't compromise tourism, one of the foundations of our area's prosperity. These businesses demand an educated workforce, as well as quality education for their children. Strengthening our K-12 schools is one of our primary responsibilities, as well as collaboration with GED and job training programs. We must continue to work with the University of Arizona and Pima Community College to encourage biotech and solar start-ups.

To attract and keep businesses in the community, I support tightly-developed property tax and performance incentives to ensure a measurable return to the taxpayers in the form of high paying, permanent jobs. A good example of this approach is the property tax break the County offered to biotech firms in Oro Valley, which included specific performance benchmarks.

Our local small businesses especially need our support. These are our neighbors, who have invested their lives into our community; they are vitally important to our prosperity and success. We need measures that welcome and encourage local entrepreneurship by creating a more convenient regulatory process and working with business owners' specific needs.

Roads and Transportation

As a state legislator, I fought against budget cuts that swept up Pima County's HURF (Highway User Revenue Funds) money. As a Pima County Supervisor, I will push hard for state legislation prohibiting HURF and sales tax sweeps that prevented the county from repairing and maintaining our roads.

Along with state funds, the County must assure its budget includes money to repair and maintain our roads. Just this year it dedicated $10 million to fixing our roadways. We need to do the same, and more, in future budgets.

Strong Schools

Education is economic development. Without quality schools and local support services, we cannot create the workforce we need to attract attract and keep businesses with high paying, sustainable jobs. Our children deserve the personal and economic opportunities which result from a quality education.

By 2018, 61% of all jobs will require a degree beyond a high school diploma. Yet today, only 20% of Pima County residents have a higher education degree. We must support a strong community college and university system.

As a Pima County Supervisor, I will not directly oversee our schools. But as a mother whose children attended local public schools and as a former Amphitheater School Board member, I will advocate for and support our schools. I will work to maintain and improve our public library system, one of our community's most important educational support systems. I will make sure we continue our GED programs so that all citizens have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma. And I'll see that our job training programs continue to help people upgrade their skills to fit the job market.

Rosemont Mine

I stand with all five current Supervisors; the very real risks posed by Rosemont Mine outweigh any short term benefits. The mine puts the community's health, clean water and air supply at risk, and endangers Southern Arizona's vital tourism industry. We don't want to create another polluted Superfund site like the one in Dewey where land, air, and water are contaminated with poisonous metals. Even a costly cleanup, paid for by taxpayers, at best can only repair part of the damage.

I am committed to attacting high paying, sustainable jobs to Pima County. The Rosemont Mine will mostly benefit the foreign corporation hoping to dig into our Santa Rita Mountains. In exchange for some short term employment, the mine will permanently destroy parts of our desert landscape and endanger our quality of life for generations into the future.

©2012 Nancy Young Wright
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